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The cited area must be drawn up in a fashion that is admissible to the Department of Buildings. Helping you to create these drafts is something that we offer our clients as well.


Document Preparation

Along with the drafted plans comes a large amount of DOB forms that must be filled out before getting to the next step.



Although it may sound easy, filing a job is sometimes the hardest part of being an expediter, on the surface it is simply bringing the professional’s prepared drafts and documentation to the DOB, waiting on line and getting it submitted: to contrast what it might be like for most expediters, (think DMV on steroids).



The approval stage can have its complications as well, in a prefect world the professional’s draft and documentation is exactly what the DOB plan examiner is looking for and it gets approved without much dispute; however, what often winds up happening is the DOB rejects an initial approval for one of a hundred reasons and an expediter has continue to solve the puzzle that will get it passed through the DOB approval process, hopefully, without many additional hiccups.


Physical Work

If any physical work needs to be performed it should only be done after the permit has been acquired. Valerie has access to licensed and MWBE Certified vendors which are fully insured and licensed by the Department of Buildings as professional contractors.



Right in between the physical work stage and the sign-off stage is the inspections stage, depending on the scope of the work being performed, a variety of different inspections will be conducted, usually by a member of the Department of Buildings, and the expediter team of third party field representatives manages the process.



The last stage is the Sign-off stage, which is when the work has been completed, the expediter will put the sign-off paperwork together, have each contractor (permittee) sign-off their work, then the expediter will have the architect or engineer (applicant) do the same, and then the expediter can bring all of this to the DOB and sign-off the job.